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Partner School Network

Partner School Network

Educator Preparation Program Council

Columbus State University is committed to excellence in its educator preparation programs. The College of Education and Health Professions serves as the primary unit for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating the programs in collaboration with its partners in education.

To help ensure that our graduates are prepared to successfully meet the challenges of the twenty-first century classroom, an Educator Preparation Program Council (EPPC) was established to foster collaboration and share information in efforts to: 

  • Endorse Columbus State University’s excellent, high-quality programs for educator preparation.
  • Improve the academic achievement of all students at the P–12 level.
  • Improve educator preparation of Columbus State University candidates.  
  • Maintain accreditation with state, regional, and national agencies.
  • Achieve and maintain U.S. News and World Report Ranking.
  • Address program and course needs by community and partners.

Charge and Purpose

The Educator Preparation Program Council will serve as an advisory board.  The council will provide feedback and recommendations to the Educator Preparation Programs leadership and the Principals' Roundtable at Columbus State University.   


The vision of the Educator Preparation Program Council is to affirm that the unit prepares highly qualified administrators, counselors, and the teachers who possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to improve learning for all P-12 students.


The Educator Preparation Program Council mission is to collaborate, share information, provide feedback, and promote excellence in educator preparation. The ultimate goal is to improve the academic achievement of all P-12 students.

Membership  2017-2018

Dr. Deborah Bordelon, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Jeff Branham, Human Resource Director, Harris County School District
Dr. Larry Dooley, Interim Dean College of Arts
Dr. Deirdre Greer, Dean College of Education and Health Professions
Mr. Roger Hatcher, Director Center for Quality Teaching and Learning
Dr. Lisa Coleman, Superintendent Fort Benning Schools
Dr. David Lewis, Superintendent Muscogee County School District
Dr. James Martin, Superintendent Harris County School District
Dr. Sallie Miller, Council Chair, Professor, Associate Dean College of Education and Health Professions
Dr. Dennis Rome, Dean College of Letters and Sciences
M. Kathy Tessin, Human Resource Director, Muscogee County School District
Ms. Debra Whatley,  Council Secretary, Coordinator of Center for Quality Teaching & Learning